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The VR movement shooter


The VR movement shooter

Jump, shoot, and dash your way through a planned 5 chapters of many bite-size masocore levels.


Your jumpkit gives you a freedom of movement your enemies can only dream of, but means you cannot carry cumbersome armour. You can't survive a single hit. The only way to survive is to move fast and strike first.

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Powerful. Precise. Natural.

An evolution from traditional joystick or blink movement, this new movement system was built from the ground up for VR.

Exaggerating the VR headset's movements means you jump in game by jumping in real life.

Because you're moving your whole body, you'll have to be more skillful to manipulate your weapons reliably and land those headshots.


Challenging and fair. Master your tools.

Learn to use weapons reliably, adjusting for varied weightiness and recoil across the arsenal.

Bringing features from AAA games to VR, including fixed recoil patterns, secondary animation, and diegetic UI, Man Grenade is bringing you the best VR gunplay experience.

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You get better.

Everything in Man Grenade is based around challenging the player to get better. There are no invisible systems or grindable progression helping you along. If you win, that's on you.

Every effort will be put in to maintain the headset-native framerate. In the rare occurrence the game does drop frames, it will be difficult to notice - all in-game features are built to be deterministic and frame rate independent. It will be you versus the game, not you versus the hardware.

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