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Starting a Business to Finish a Game

I have now incorporated the company Carbide Function! It was much simpler than I thought it would be, and there are plenty of people offering services to make it easier. If you're thinking about it and are at all worried about the complexity of setting up a business - don't be!

Man Grenade has been in development for a year and a half now, after being conceived of a few years back. I've focused on the new movement mechanic and other game feel, and have built up features not found in other games. I'm now building the content for the game, so you'll have something to move around and use the other mechanics within.

This week I've been working on creating a level to use as a trailer. After settling on SabreCSG as the primary level editing tool I'll be using, I've built a block-out of the level. Next week I'll add decorations on top and add some hazards.

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