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A 3D Autotiler for Unity 3D with powerful authoring tools


Create levels with the simplicity of voxels

Quickly make changes to your voxel map within the editor, then exit the editing mode to apply your tiles to the map.

The map generation is non-destructive, giving you the confidence to experiment with both art and gameplay choices and see what sticks.

Tile placement is fully deterministic, and strives to be locally deterministic. Changes on one side of the map will have as little effect as possible on the other side.

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Model your own tilesets and import them in one click

The importer reads meshes in Unity and generates connections and marching cube data from them, allowing the grid placer to decorate your voxel maps without spending your time doing per-tile mark up.

Use the default settings for the importer to quickly get started, and come back later to change the settings once you know what you need. Once the importer is set up, every reimport is a single click.


No guessing, the tool tells you what's wrong

Using a black box of a tool is frustrating - Wildtile's Tileset Inspector shows the inner workings of the import process, and the Tileset Analyzer provides a dashboard of suggested fixes.

If you have any questions about why your models aren't acting the way they should be, Wildtile will answer them.

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